Terry Hummel, M.A.
All the works below are acrylic paint, oil pastel, graphite, sgraffito, wax, and plaster on wood panels. Panels have finished 1.5" to 2.5" 'gallery edges', making framing unnecessary. Some pieces have cloth collage on the surface and/or embedded in the plaster.
Prices are wholesale and subject to change. Retail prices are usually one & one-half times to two times higher.

Buscando a Miro'  18"x18"   $350

Looking Back   8"x10"   $120

Figure  8"x14"  $225 

Davids   6"x 8.5"   $50

Time  &  Space    36"x36"    $850

Mini-abstracts Triptych    20" x  8.5"   $120

Model Abstract    6" x 8.5"   $50

Book of Mormon    6" x 8.5"   $50

     Love Letters  12" x 24"     $350  SOLD

It's ALL About the Numbers  24"x24"  $575

Only the Heart Knows     24"x 16"     $495

Kindness is Never Wasted     24" x 18"    $425

World Awakening   18" x 18"    $395     SOLD

Know Me    11" x 14"      $150   (painted on gallery-wrap canvas)

Cracker Jack    12" x 12"     $275

The Glow Down Below   12" x 12"    $250

Rice Queens   8" x 10"    $100   (painted on gallery-wrap canvas)

Adam & Steve: In His Image He Made Them   24" x 18"     $450

Love Is Love    24"x36"    $595                                                                Solo Amor 24"x12"  $350

In the Name of Love?  24"x24"  $550

Nouveau Soleil   12"x19"  (triptych)   $350

Cosmic Union  12"x18"   (diptych)   $350

Finding Mr. Right    12"x12"   $275    SOLD

Perfection   12"x12"    $275

See Me   12"x12"   $195

Te Espero   !2"x 12"    $275

 Across A Crowded Room 18"x18" $295 SOLD

     Just One of the Boys  18"x18"      $295

Leaves at bottom contain a poem by w.h. Auden:
Being set on the idea of getting to Atlantis, You have discovered of course only the Ship of Fools is making the voyage this year, As gales of abnormal force are predicted, and that you must therfore be ready to behave abserdly enough to pass for one of The Boys, at least appearing to love hard liquor, horseplay, and noise

After A Romantic Dinner (painted on wine crate)  7" x 13"  $225

 In Vino Veritas  7"x13"  $250


Thoughts, Feelings, & Beliefs (diptych)    36"x24"      $750

Just as I Am    24"x24"   $575

Freedom: Freedom To Be  48"x48"   $1195

 A Kiss is Just a Kiss  18"x18" $295 SOLD

  When Atlas Shrugged 18"x18" $275

 Welcome to Our Home    18"x18"  $295

  I Am My Beloved's     8"x10"     $255


 Reality is What I Make It 
12"x12"  $250

 Do you Want Me, or to Be Me  12"x12" $250

 I Can Stand Like This All Day
12"x12"  $250  SOLD

Worlds Within Worlds II 
36"x36"  $995  SOLD

 Untitled Abstract (blue) 24"x24" $550  SOLD

Untitled Abstract (black)  24"x24"  $795

 Self-Portrait of the Artist 
12"x12"  $250    SOLD

 Simply Cool  12"x12"  $275

 Identity Confusion 12"x12"  $250 SOLD

 Feel My Muscle  12"x12"  $250  SOLD

 Moving Between Worlds  12"x12"  $250

 Enjoy Life Along with Me
12"x12"  $250

  Bashert (Soulmate)   12"x12"   $295

    Palm Springs Boys 12"x12" $250

    P-town Boys      12"x11"     $250 

  Worlds Within Worlds     24"x24"   $725   SOLD

   I Am Wonderfully Made  5"x8"  $125  [painted on a sushi sea urchin box, aprox. 1" deep]

   Playero!  (Beach Boy)  12"x12"  $245

  Palm Springs Sun  10"x12" $250 SOLD

    The Kiss  6"x12"   $165  SOLD

       Carpe Deum    36"x36"     $595

   A Slice of Life   10"x12"  $195  SOLD

Alter of Love     18"x18"    $225 SOLD

Somos Tu Familia (We Are Your Family)    14"x20"    $395
[painted on bottom of an antique oak desk drawer]

  Day of Innocense   8"x11"   $175

Three    18"x18"   $350

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