Terry Hummel, M.A.
Original Fine Art

Terry Hummel  is an imaginative painter who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. His works are often noted for their unique color palette, technique, and psycho-social commentary. Terry has developed an innovative style over the past decade that has evolved from photo-realistic to more simplified forms…bold blocks of color, geometric shapes, silhouette and surface texture.  His use of vibrant colors and strong lines make his work an excellent choice for a wide range of venues and purposes. This artist is accomplished in using many traditional methods as well as his current modern technique. His works have been shown in Great Britain, Israel, Spain, and the U.S.; and can be found in private/corporate collections. Although Terry loves to express his vision through art, he is also a published writer for magazines and has had a weekly art column in the Orlando Sentinel for almost 10 years.

Terry Hummel is a native Floridian and has studied at universities in Bolivia, Israel, and Spain. He has worked as an artist in London and Bath (U.K.) and San Miguel Allende (Mexico). Each location has added to his artistic sensibilities, the psycho-social content evident in his work; and most especially his sophisticated use of: color, motifs, metaphor, and widely diverse symbolism.

World Within Worlds, 24"x24"


There are layers upon layers, both physically (paint, plaster, wax, graphite, collage, etc.) and metaphorically (slowly revealing meanings to the viewer). Terry received his M.A. from Rollins College in 1992. In addition to his formal education and varied work experience, he has been a vocal arts advocate, established an artists’ co-op gallery & studios (OVAL on Orange, in downtown Orlando), and served on many charity/public boards and arts grant panels.

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